Biolite BioLite 750 Rechargeable HeadLamp


BioLite 750 Rechargeable HeadLamp
The BioLite 750 combines bright illumination, comfortable low-profile fit, and a powerful suite of customizable options. The result is a professional-grade Head Lamp to keep you in total control at every turn in the trail. 3D SlimFit construction packs much of the device’s wiring into the band itself, reducing weight and bulk to create an exceptionally compact fit. Rear power unit balances weight with the lamp in front to keep extra pressure off your forehead. Bright 750 lumen bulb gives you 7 hours of light at the highest possible setting, with battery-saving options to extend run time out to 150 hours. Run Forever Capability even allows you to run the charging cable to an external power source (like a BioLite Powerbank) while wearing the Lamp, allowing you to illuminate your surroundings indefinitely. Constant Mode lets you set a specific brightness and keep it there, regardless of battery life. Normal Mode auto-regulates lumen level to greatly increase battery life more most field scenarios. 750 lumen maximum output Dimmable red, white, strobe and burst modes Dimmable rear red visibility light with solid and strobe mode Low-profile 3D SlimFit construction Front panel one-handed adjustable tilt Moisture-wicking headband Rechargeable battery with 3-ft. micro USB cable and clip Battery run time of 150 hours on low setting, 7 hours on high Run Forever Capability: HeadLamp can be used while it charges Constant Illumination Capability Large power button controls are easy to use wearing gloves

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