Roast a Goose

If you prefer poultry’s dark meat, are planning a holiday meal for 6 to 8 people, or are just an adventurous cook, maybe it’s time for you to learn how to roast a goose. The cooking process is not too hard and the results are juicy and tasty meat. Goose is extremely fatty, similar to […]

Cast Iron Canada Goose

Follow Jack Hennessy for all things cooking, family, and hunting at @WildGameJack on Instagram and @BraisingTheWild. In terms of flavor, the Canada goose is definitely the most undeservedly criticized of wild birds. While I’ll concede a portion of its unsavory reputation is owed to its diet, which is often dependent on its environment, it’s my firm belief that […]

How to Cook Wild Goose

People have disrespected geese for decades with names like “sky rats” or worse, convinced that this species is unfit for consumption. When I started hunting, I heard people say geese were inedible and shouldn’t be hunted. Not knowing any better, I listened and never really got into goose hunting. On a few occasions, I was able […]

Grouse recipes

There’s no need to hang grouse, as it already has the perfect game flavour The further into the season you get, the gamier the birds will be For older grouse slow pot roasts and casseroles work best It is important to clean the grouse out thoroughly as any remaining blood will cause the bird to […]