Ps Seasoning & Spices ps-seasoning-blue-ribbon-competition-style-bbq-sauce

Ps Seasoning & Spices ps-seasoning-blue-ribbon-competition-style-bbq-sauceThe King of Q.There’s a line that separates the amateurs from the professionals. In BBQ, that line is a sticky-sweet and smoky sauce that’ll turn your backyard grill into a winners circle. Inspired by the masters of KC BBQ, this award-winning blend is victory in a bottle.Pro-tip:Combine equal parts BBQ sauce […]

Kosmo’s Q kosmos-q-sweet-apple-chipotle-bbq-sauce

Kosmo’s Q kosmos-q-sweet-apple-chipotle-bbq-sauceA five-star, fan-favorite Kosmo’s Q sauce!Sweet apple flavor with a kickMade with real applesPairs well with all your barbecue favoritesWe perfected the balance of sweetness and heat with this delectable, apple-based sauce, adding chipotle and guajillo chili powders for that extra kick. The crisp sweetness pairs excellently with ribs, pork butt, and chicken. […]