Corn creativity

Corn creativity

Cooking fresh, local, Willamette Valley corn in cream, butter and honey might seem a big decadent — or unnecessary! You might be amazed at how delicious the results are, so consider giving it a try. The bonus is that you will then have a delicious creamy broth that will […]

Southern cooks have been boiling their summer corn on the cob in a milk, sugar and water bath for eons. Yet my eyes have always glazed over when encountering such recipes. Up here in the Pacific Northwest, why would we ever need such a maneuver to raise the wow factor of our perfect corn? Well, how about because it’s a fantastic portal to a whole new approach to corn cuisine. Suddenly, just when I thought I’d experienced every reasonable permutation one can with fresh local corn, I have a new passion: Fresh, local, Willamette Valley corn simmered in cream.

Now, cream wasn’t a part of the original game plan in my exploration of the subject. Like most recipes in development, there was a progression. It went something like this: Hmmm, if boiling corn on the cob in a milk, water, and sugar bath is good, perhaps boiling it in cream and butter would be even better.

At this point, I need to credit The Kitchen food blog. One of their corn recipes was titled “Hot Honey Butter Bath Corn” and my eyeballs did a double-take. Whoa! That sounded pretty yummy. I perused the recipe and sure enough, there was milk (some), butter (lots), and honey (a drizzle). But the hook was the pinch of red pepper flakes and freshly ground black pepper. Such a fiery back when played on my mental palate had me willing to roll up my sleeves and give it a whirl. After all, I’d been eating corn slathered with chipotle butter for years.

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