Girsan EAA Girsan MC312 Gobbler Semi-automatic 12 Gauge 24 inch Barrel Camo/Cerakote Red Dot 5+1 Rounds


EAA Girsan MC312 Gobbler Semi-automatic 12 Gauge 24 inch Barrel Camo/Cerakote Red Dot 5+1 Rounds
EAA Girsan MC312 Gobbler 12-gauge Semi-automatic Shotgun The Girsan MC312 blends unmatched durability with technology borrowed from the premier Italian gunmakers to create a Shotgun that can stand up to anything and cycle everything. To ensure absolute reliability in the field, the MC312 was extensively torture-tested well beyond what any sane person would do to a shotgun. First, Girsan ran it for 700 rounds continuously, leaving no time to cool. Then, they ran 5,000 rounds with no cleaning. AND THEN, they ran a 10,000-round endurance test without replacing any parts. But they weren’t done yet. Last but not least, Girsan disassembled 5 shotguns, placed the parts in a box, mixed the parts up, and then reassembled the guns with a random selection. The MC312 fired with absolutely no adjustments necessary. And if bulletproof durability isn’t enough for you, the MC312 can cycle everything from 2 3/4 inch target loads to 3 1/2 inch magnum loads-even mixed together in the same tube. This is a very difficult task for most shotguns as it requires the bolt to cycle back far enough to load the 3 1/2 inch shell using only the energy from light target load. But the MC312 can handle it no-sweat. This is the Gobbler version, which features a 24 inch vent rip barrel, pistol grip stock, and a Cerakote finish on the barrel and receiver. You also get a Girsan red dot optic for easy targeting. Inertia operation system can cycle anything from light 2 3/4″ target loads to 3 1/2″ magnum loads Rotating bolt 24 inch vent rib barrel Cerakote finish on barrel and receiver for superior corrosion resistance Synthetic camo stock with pistol grip and rubber buttpad Highly visible front sight Uses Mobil Chokes (includes 5 tubes) Includes red dot sight Made in Turkey, imported by EAA Backed by Girsan’s limited lifetime warranty Order today!

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