Hammock Gear McLean Metalworks – Tire Stand Accessory

Hammock Gear

McLean Metalworks – Tire Stand Accessory
McLean Metalworks – Tire Stand Accessory – Expand the possibilities of where you can install your Hammock Mount. This quick-setup accessory will allow you to attachA your hammock mount to any tire from 28″-37″ diameter.A Constructed from durable powdercoated steel and inlcludes all parts and hardware for use. $35 shipping anywhere in the contiguous US.A Note, we aren’t able to ship this product outside the lower 48 States in the US. Note – This product will ship separately from McLean Metalworks in Bend, Oregon. *Hammock Mount not included. *Tire Stand is recommended for use with only the Standard Hammock Mount (not extended) or Bare Bones Hammock Mount due to increased length. If you need an extension for your vehicle configuration, we recommend purchasing a non-extension Hammock Mount and our Hitch Extension. Hammock Accessories, Hammock Gear, McLean Metalworks – Tire Stand Accessory.

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