Hammock Gear Mesh Peak Pocket

Hammock Gear

Mesh Peak Pocket
Mesh Peak Pocket – Designed to attach to our Zippered Bug Net Hammocks, the Mesh Peak Pocket is an add on which increases the amount of easy access storage inside your hammock.A We use durable 0.6 oz / ydA^2 mesh, grosgrain reinforcement tabs, and mitten hooks to attach the Mesh Peak Pocket to your hammock at either end.A Whether you stuff a jacket, dry clothing, your top quilt, or any other necessity, the Peak Pocket will help keep your personal items organized, and out of the dirt.SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 0.54 oz Size: 14″ Wide x 20″ Deep Designed by Hammock Gear.A Manufactured overseas. Hammock Accessories, Organization, Hammock Gear, Mesh Peak Pocket.

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