Hammock Gear Seam Grip Sil

Hammock Gear

Seam Grip Sil
Seam Grip Sil – If you want to seam seal your Silnylon / Silpoly tarp, or any other silicone-treated fabrics, you’ve found the right product! A Gear Aid’s Seam Grip Sil is easy to use and works with just one application. A Use the included brush and follow the instructions on the package to prevent your silicone-treated tarp / tent from leaking! A It also works great for minor to moderate repairs of silicone-treated products, so it may come in handy out in the field. A Keep the rain outside your tarp / tent, where it belongs. Repair – Maintain – DIY, Tarp Accessories, Hammock Gear, Seam Grip Sil.

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