How Hunting My Own Food Taught Me to Cook Mindfully

Welcome to Living Wild by Danielle Prewett , a wild game cook and contributing editor at MeatEater . In this series, she explores what it means to eat consciously and live mindfully. For Danielle, that way of life relies on hunting, fishing, foraging, and gardening. Her stories aim to […]

In between the weekends of hunting, I educated myself on the sustainability of our food system. Every decision we make as a consumer has a consequence, even if we don’t see the impact. I also believe that our choices reflect our values. I care about the welfare of animals and the resources required to sustain their lives. I wanted to be directly responsible and know that every time I cook, it was done with full consciousness.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that hunting, fishing, foraging, and gardening aren’t just hobbies; together, they’re a way to live life more mindfully. They allow me to connect with my food in a meaningful way, a practice that it can feel like modern society is slowly forgetting. When we spend time outside, we cultivate presence and awareness in unexpected ways.

My celebratory meal for the first garden harvest of the season is a perfectly grilled American antelope loin paired with a pickled radish topping. The radishes come from my garden located at the family ranch. They are grown in the same soil that three generations before me once grew their own food. The venison was a handsome buck that lived in the grasslands and sagebrush plains of Wyoming. For some, steak and salsa might not seem very special. But for me, they represent quite a bit: the success of living off the land.

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