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April 16, 2020 Comments Off on How to Manage Deer on Property You Own Hunting

How to Manage Deer on Property You Own


There is a science involved with deer property management and you have to respect it. If you don’t understand the reason behind something, ask about it. The more you understand, the easier it will be for you to make the commitment to those procedures. The goal is to offer a quality habitat where healthy deer are able to thrive and to survive.


From the start, you have to identify your objectives. Are you trying to increase the deer population or has it exploded and you need to reduce it? Are you concerned about the quality of the land and you want to protect it? Do you have plans to offer this as hunting ground? The direction you are planning to go with it can influence the deer property management methods.

Observe and Document

You have to know what you are up against before you can make important decisions relating to deer property management. Observing and documenting the amount of deer in a given area is going to share with you what is called deer density. You also need to be able to identify the ratio of bucks to the does.

There is usually far more does than bucks in a successful habitat. It isn’t unusual for a buck to breed with several does during the rut. Bucks often compete with each other for the right to mate. Young bucks often stick together but a full grown, healthy buck is going to be out there on his own.

If you don’t have very many bucks, one of the key objectives with your deer property management needs to be to protect the young males. Then they can grow up to be healthy males who mate with the females. That is the natural way to see an increase in your population if it is lower than the food source and habitat can successfully handle.

There are various tools available to help you collect your data and to verify it. This is important because the wrong data can cause you to create the wrong type of plan to manage the area. Such mistakes can be hard to fix and they can be detrimental to your deer population.

Land Conditions

What does the habit have to offer to them? There may be land conditions that have to be addressed with deer property management. Are there elements in that habitat that could increase the risk of them getting hurt or becoming ill? What can be done to improve the land or to protect it in order for them to do well in that area?

If you plan to allow hunters to obtain tags for this area, you also have to think about the land from their point of view. Does it offer them places to hide and wait for the deer to pass by? Are there obstacles in the way that would be a danger to them?

What are the food sources out there for the deer to consume? It needs to be plentiful to meet the demands of your population. It also needs to offer them adequate nutritional value. The proteins and minerals from their food offer them energy, help with strong bones, and help with the growth of the antlers.

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