Our experienced outfitters will help make your next adventure your most successful – whether you’re new to fishing or hunting, a seasoned pro out on several big-ticket trips a year, or a wildlife photographer looking for that perfect close-up. From tips on jigging walleye to hints about the secret haunts of majestic moose, they will guide you through every part of the action – or not, if that’s your preference. Superior quality, dedicated staff and an outstanding success rate are the hallmarks of a Northeastern Ontario fishing and hunting outfitter.

Fly in, boat in, drive in – however you choose to arrive at camp, it’s all part of the adventure. Experience the remote, unforgettable paradise of a world class Northeastern Ontario fly-in resort. Feast your eyes on awe-inspiring white-water rapids as you disembark your launch at an island wilderness retreat. Or simply drive up and park at your private cabin – on the water’s edge or deep in the forest – with all your gear. Want to do both? Some outfitters offer fly-in day trips with cabin stays.

Are you just here for the fishing or hunting and don’t want to think about anything else? An all-inclusive American Plan is the perfect choice for a worry-free vacation. Three meals a day – including a box or shore lunch, depending on your preference – and most other necessities like ice, fuel and equipment are included. It may be the wilderness, but you definitely won’t be roughing it. Don’t mind cooking up your own catch? Try a housekeeping cabin or lodge. In some places you’re welcome to tow your own trailer to a private campsite, if that’s what you prefer. From full-service luxury to rustic cozy comfort, there’s an accommodation to suit everyone’s style.

Once they’ve made sure you’re well-fed and set up for a comfortable stay, the success of your fishing or hunting adventure is your outfitter’s top priority. With years of experience under their belts, your professional guides will take your hunting or fishing experience to the next level. Many outfitters offer guide service as an add-on option. Operators can provide everything from fishing licenses to gear and bait – but most importantly, they know where to go and what to use. And if you’re out for big game, a guide prepares an active bait site or leads you to the best spots for moose, giving each excursion a high chance of success.

With many weedy bays, rocky shores, points and underwater structures, freshwater success is all down to your technique. Northeastern Ontario waterways host a wide variety of fish – including speckled trout, rainbow trout, steelhead, coho, chinook, black crappie, whitefish or yellow perch, northern pike, walleye, muskie and bass – so trolling, jigging or flipping and pitching, you can give each technique a try at least once.

Northeastern Ontario is home to one of the largest black bear populations in North America. Moose, one of the most challenging and rewarding species to hunt, are numerous as well. Northeastern Ontario’s white-tailed deer are larger than most due to living in cold weather, so antler size is comparably impressive. Our region is also home to a variety of grouse and water fowl. An outfitter has specialized knowledge for each species and will help you take home your best prize yet.

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