Smoky Moose Meat Skillet Dinner

Smoky Moose meat skillet dinner with wine sauce is delicious. This easy to make game recipe has lots of staying power. A high protein dinner that’s low in carbs.

Healthy ground Moose meat and bacon are simmered together with vegetables, black beans, cheese and seasonings in a unique wine sauce. Add smoked provolone cheese and asparagus spears on top for a Delicious and easy Moose meat recipe.

For Christmas my brother gave me Moose meat and a great story. He always has a good story. So I listened to him tell the dramatic tale of the Enormous black Moose his hunting party bagged last Fall on the VERY last day of the hunt. He even had pictures! They all shared the meat. And he thought of me, his food blogging sister. Sweet man.

I have several relatives that enjoy the hunt. Once in a while I share game meat recipes like CrockPot Venison Stew and Rabbit Mushroom Stew Recipe .We have found, over the years there is a need for more game meat recipes in food blog land. This moose recipe turned out so good I KNOW you will want to give it a go.

Ground moose meat recipes are REALLY hard to find. Unless you want chili. Or you might have a game recipe cookbook around the house. I don’t (but I need one!).

So I went online. I found some forums. Apparently people use ground moose meat for Meatza (I had to look that up). But I could not find what I was looking for. A ground Moose meat skillet dinner. So I created this recipe from what I had in the house. It turned out so good!!

Cheesy, smoky sweet and an asparagus spear on top.

I learned from my daughter in law, Heather, how much a wine sauce can improve a skillet dinner. Her Wild Pheasant in mushrooms and wine sauce recipe is amazing if you need a pheasant recipe. I decided to use a wine sauce for this Moose meat game recipe too. But It’s Moose hamburger so it deserves a smoky cowboy flair. So this wine sauce is smoky sweet and intensely flavorful.

It turns out the cowboys in my fridge came by way of England, Italy and Canada. Worcestershire sauce, Smoky provolone cheese and Montreal Steak sauce. Pure American cowboy just like my Great Great Grandpa. He was from England so the Worcestershire sauce is for him 🙂

Chopped Bacon helps add to the smoky flavors and gives the fat the Moose hamburger lacks.

Ground meat skillet dinners should be easy. I’m not into complex recipes. At all. The wine sauce is SO simple you will not mind making it. And the outcome in SO worth it!

Bacon is a good recipe partner to ground moose meat. Moose is EXTREMELY lean and high in protein. This makes it hard to brown without burning. Adding fat is necessary. And bacon tastes wonderful with it.

According to These are Moose meat health benefits: All Great reasons to eat Moose!

  • 102 calories per 100 grams of meat
  • moose meat delivers 22 grams of protein.
  • ZERO carbohydrates.
  • It offers your body niacin and riboflavin, helping it make red blood cells as well as metabolize foods.
  • Moose meat is extremely low in saturated fat, with less than 0.5 grams per 100-gram serving. Because of this, moose is better than Beef steak, especially for people who worry about their cholesterol.
  • A typical serving of moose meat contains 59 mg of cholesterol, and adults, in general, shouldn’t have more than 300mg of cholesterol per day, so a couple of moose meat servings a day is a good thing.
  • Moose meat is rich in minerals, including selenium, iron and zinc.”

So add that bacon. The healthy Moose meat makes up for it :). If you are eating keto or low carb this recipe can easily be adjusted for you. Use a sugar free sweetener or reduce the wine by 1/2 cup.

This is one of those REALLY tough to photograph recipes. I tried several shots. You need to know it’s WAY better than you are seeing here.

Your kitchen will smell wonderful and the family will LOVE this recipe. Promise. But… it just looks like a regular old hamburger dinner with some asparagus on it. This recipe is so much more than that. Hamburger helper get behind me. This is a stellar sustaining dining experience.

Moose meat is surprisingly similar in flavor to grass fed beef or Bison. (One our readers, Kenali, suggested Bison for this recipe. Thank you Kenali!)I used seasonings I felt would go well with beef and they worked perfectly with Moose too. If you use grass fed beef in this recipe. Reduce the bacon by half. You won’t need so much fat to cook it.

The asparagus is from our garden. That’s how it wandered into this meal. And it needs to stay. Those fresh asparagus tips are steamed right on top of the skillet dinner. Their flavor is one more necessary part of this whole. We really enjoyed those whole steamed asparagus spears cooked right into the melting smoked provolone.

You could use a very thinly cut moose steak (Or thinly sliced cooked roast) in this recipe if you have no hamburger. But mind that your meat is tender. That’s the real advantage of the ground Moose meat. Ground meat is easy and quick.

If I ever get to make this meal again I will thicken the wine sauce. That’s why I gave you optional directions to do that. As you can see the sauce is very thin. It tasted divine but the whole meal would have looked more together if the sauce had a bit of cornstarch cooked into it. I’m out of cornstarch just now. I almost called this dinner a stew. But it really is a Smoky Moose Meat Skillet Dinner. That’s its name and I’m sticking to it.

If you make this dinner please come back and comment. We would love to know how it turned out for you. Please rate this recipe so others will know what you think too.

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