The Best Broiler Pans For Cooking Healthy, Hearty Meals

The Best Broiler Pans For Cooking Healthy, Hearty Meals

Much like roasting, broiling is a simple cooking method that relies on high, direct heat from a standard kitchen oven. Meat, chicken, fish, and vegetables can all be broiled to add flavor and texture, and to create healthier dishes with less fat and grease. Unlike roasting, however, the heat for broiling comes from the top of the oven—and you need special pan to properly execute this technique.

Broiling pans are typically shallower than roasting pans, and come as a set of two pieces, with a separate top and bottom pan. The upper pan is where you place the food, and it features slots through which the drippings drain into the lower pan. Broiling pans are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum, though you will also find enameled and cast iron versions.

Featuring touches like non-stick coatings, angled slots and more, here are four of the best broiler pans available on Amazon.

1. Wilton Broiler Pan Set

This broiling set from Wilton is made of steel and coated with a non-stick finish, so it easily releases cooked food. The coating also helps make for quick clean up either by hand (warm, soapy water is the best option) or in the dishwasher. Sized at 11-by-7 inches, the set includes a removable slotted broiler sheet that sits on top of the lower pan that catches the grease. The broiler sheet has high, easy-grip handles to help lift away finished dishes, so with this easy-to-use duo, you’ll be enjoying healthy meat and seafood in no time.Wilton broiler pan

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2. Range Kleen Broil and Bake Pan

Range Kleen’s two-piece set is crafted in steel covered with porcelain, making it a durable and heavy-duty option that’s also easy to clean (and dishwasher-safe.) Among the standout touches are angled grates on the top grill to help fat drain easily into the bottom broiler pan. Adding to the versatility, the bottom pan can also do double-duty as a baking dish and the top pan can be used on an outdoor grill. All of these elements help make this pick great for a range of foods, from meats to veggies.Range Kleen broiler

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3. General Electric Broiler Pan and Rack

Made by General Electric, this set is slightly larger than typical broiler pans, so it’s recommended to measure your oven to make sure it’s the best fit. The size makes is great for cooking steaks, ham, or whole chickens or fish. The non-stick finish is both easy on the food and easy to clean. The slotted top pan quickly lifts out, and the deep bottom pan safely catches the fat, resulting in healthier meals.General Electric broiler pan

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4. Farberware Bakeware Roaster with Flat Rack

Different from the typical broiler pans, this Farberware option features a wide, deep main pan topped by a flat, heavy-duty rack. Both sections are made of steel and a non-stick coating, making it easy to remove cooked food and to clean the pan. The chrome-plated broiler rack can be removed, allowing the deep main pan to be used on its own for baking. Given the size and design, this warp-resistant, two-handle option is ideal for cooking hearty proteins and side dishes, such as meat and potatoes, together.Farberware broiler pan

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