Time to reconsider squirrel meat? Chef Michael Hunter on takeout booze, his cookbook and how the pandemic is expanding our palates

July 14, 2020 by No Comments

Chef Hunter at his Dundas West restaurant Antler More Q&As Michael Hunter may win the prize for the chef most prepared to ride out a pandemic. As a passionate hunter, forager and wild game enthusiast, the owner of Antler restaurant has always believed in living off the land. Here, […]

On the bright side, you just announced your new cookbook, The Hunter Chef. Presumably it’s for hardcore carnivores only?
There are actually some vegetable-based recipes in there, made with ingredients you can forage. There’s one for puffball mushroom carpaccio. There are a few turkey recipes, too. Turkey is really special to me because the first time I realized how superior the flavour of a wild bird is was when I ate wild turkey. There are also some recipes that are pretty accessible from a palate perspective: a moose lasagna, a bear curry. The gamey flavours become a lot less intense when the meat is ground and cooked with other ingredients. You’d think it was beef if you didn’t know better. And then we have some options that are not going to be for everyone—a few squirrel recipes, for example, including a squirrel au vin.

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