Whiteduck Outdoors Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarp Cover Thick 16 Mil, 8 oz. Waterproof, 100% UV Resistant, Rot/Rip/Tear Proof Tarpaulin

Whiteduck Outdoors

Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarp Cover Thick 16 Mil, 8 oz. Waterproof, 100% UV Resistant, Rot/Rip/Tear Proof Tarpaulin
TIGHTLY WOVEN FABRIC: Durable and lightweight tarp is made from high-density, tightly woven, made-to-last polyethylene fibers and woven into fabric which is then laminated brown on both sides. These designed to last tarps have a 16 mil thickness, 8 oz. per square yard, and a 16 x 16 weave count. We have used high strength yarn to provide EXTRA UV PROTECTION against harmful sun rays and fading. These are most suitable for canvas cabin tents and wall tents. SUPER HEAVY DUTY & EXTRA REINFORCED: This tarp is extra reinforced for greater durability and superior strength. The corners and edges are reinforced by hemming the edges with poly twine rope/ border piping which makes it tear resistant. This makes them suitable for heavy duty canvas tents for camping. All seams and hems are heat sealed. These four season polytarps are designed to provide all-weather ultimate protection from wind, rain, sunlight, UV rays and can withstand any weather condition. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FEATURES: We use rustproof brass grommets spaced every 18 inches or 1.5 feet apart, all around and at each corner allowing the tarps to be tied down easily and secured in a robust manner no matter how big a size. We have used plastic capped bar on all corners with additional rivets to make it extra sturdy. Extra reinforced corners will reduce wear on tarp, prevent grommet pull-out due to high winds or extreme strapping conditions and extend the life of your tarp MULTIPLE SIZES: Our tarps come in several sizes ranging from 8×10 10×10 10×12 12×12 12×16 12×20 12×25 and get as large as 20×30 20×40 30×40 30×50 40×50. These polytarps are waterproof, mold & mildew resistant, rip/tear resistant, rot proof, shrink proof and UV resistant. These are four season heavy duty tarps for everyday use as it provides protection against heavy rain and UV rays or wherever you need to keep valuables covered, can withstand the elements outdoors MULTI-PURPOSE USE: These tarps are used to cover/shelter boats, truck, cars, motor vehicles, industrial or farm equipment, outdoor patio furniture, barbecue grills, backyard pool, wood piles, campers for ultimate protection. They can also be used as an emergency roof patch material or building material for homeowners, construction workers/sites. They can be used as a drop cloth while painting or polishing. Can be used outdoors for camping, hunting, turn it into a canopy or a tent fly CAUTION: Always make sure that your tarps are securely tied down. Do not allow product to ‘flap’ in the wind as this will drastically reduce the life of the product. Covered items should be adequately ventilated at all times. Keep product away from fire, as it will ignite and burn if brought into contact with an open flame.

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